The bridge of birds

An isometric action RPG based on the classic Chinese fable, “The Cowherd and the Weaver girl” which tells the doomed love story between a mortal and a goddess.

my roles

UI/UX Design, 2D Art


Brandan Chen, Junzhe Huang, Ken Zheng, Shelly Zhang


Spring 2023


Our gamplay drew inspiration from top-down isometric dungeon-crawlers such as "Hades." Play as the cowherd on his journey towards his one true love, fighting mythological beings, and aided by magpies. You can play it on the

UI Design

The UI assets in game are inspired by traditional Chinese elements that are intricate, ornate, pattern-based, and symmetrical, evoking a sense of experiencing an ancient story.

2D Art

In addition to designing UI for the game, I also created 2D character avatars for dialogue interactions and illustrations for the beginning cut scene.

User Flow

We wanted a linear progression that repeats each time the player dies, while still integrating slightly new elements that encourages replay, such as new dialogues from various characters.