Part one of a personal passion project—a concept UX for a FPS RPG set in the Blade Runner universe. It was the year 2021. A rogue Nexus-8 replicant escaped the gruesome conditions of an off-world colony in search of a better life on Earth.


UX Design, Prototyping




Winter 2023

user flow

I created a user flow that centers around the system of character-specific functionalities, such as character creation and in-game stats and gears. This approach allowed me to scope my project better with a central focus.


Wireframes helped me rapidly test out and iterate on features and layouts. I kept asking myself, what do players care most about at that moment? What kind of layouts would best immerse and engage audiences of a FPS RPG?

I struggled a lot with hierarchy on screens heavy with information. Referencing other games and getting feedback from using testing helped me in determining what’s primary vs secondary.


Prototyping brought the wireframes to life and made it easier to gauge the successfulness of the UX. They revealed problems I haven’t thought of before, made me think deeper on the details of user interactions, and helped me think ahead, such as visual design for different button states or transition animations between screens.

increase Base Stats

Increase character base stats using points earned through leveling up. Higher stats unlock more abilities, which can be accessed as a shortcut on this screen. For an in-depth skill tree, players will need to go to the abilities screen.

view + change Gears

Quick view of character’s currently equipped weapons and clothes. Hover over to see detailed info on each item. Clicking into each item allows players to select alternative options.