Part two of a personal passion project—a concept UI for a FPS RPG set in the Blade Runner universe. It was the year 2021. A rogue Nexus-8 replicant escaped the gruesome conditions of an off-world colony in search of a better life on Earth.


UI Design, Type Design, Iconography


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


Winter 2023

Style Guide

The style of the UI is inspired by the Blade Runner movies and its FUI. I wanted to create a retro sci-fi aesthetic with hard edges and boxy shape language that emphasizes functionality and clarity.

final screens

The final screens’ general shape language and layouts were designed in Illustrator, then post-processed in Photoshop. Using biometric textures like scan-lines, inner glows, and measuring lines, I wanted to evoke the feeling of designing a replicant in the character creation process.

MOtion design

Below are some motion explorations done in After Effects, to simulate how the player interactions might work.


Character Models - Ryouta Otsuka, Cyberpunk 2077
Environment Art - Retro Illusion, Manuel Arjones
3D Props - Furqaan Siddiqui, Anthony Tran, Egor Kolobov