A 2D puzzle platformer in which Nox the cat freely traverses between her dream and nightmare realms. She must solve the puzzles to return to her sleeping body.

my roles

UI Design, 2D Art


Brandan Chen, Junzhe Huang, Ken Zheng, Shelly Zhang


Spring 2023


A puzzle platformer in which the player must switch between the dream and nightmare worlds to complete the level. You can play it on

art assets

Instead of doing tile sets that repeat in the environment, we wanted a more seamless integration between the level design and art. So we created a unique pipeline where I worked closely with the level designer to make sure each in-game block integrates well into the overall cityscape.

UI Design

Nox is more of an art-driven game, where the UI recedes into the background and act as a supporting element with a flexible system. So I created all the in-game art assets first, then designed the UI to specifically fit the art.